A guide for health professionals working with
immigrant and refugee children and youth

Peer Reviewers

This resource would not be possible without the efforts of peer reviewers.  

Since 2013, more than 70 health professionals across Canada have volunteered their time to read and provide feedback on website content. Many of these reviewers are members of the Canadian Paediatric Society’s committees and sections, and others are current or former members of the Board of Directors

The Editorial Board of Caring for Kids New to Canada extends its thanks to each peer reviewer.  Their contribution of time and expertise is a sign of their commitment to the well-being of children, youth and families new to Canada.

  • Alan Abelsohn, MD
  • Sharon Abish, MD
  • Stacey Ageranioti-Bélanger, MD
  • Minoli Amit, MD
  • Tobey Audcent, MD
  • Louise Auger, MD
  • Corry Azzopardi, MSW, RSW, PhD(c)
  • Elizabeth Barnett, MD
  • Anne-Claude Bernard-Bonnin, MD
  • Adil Bhatti, MD
  • François Boucher, MD
  • Dona Bowers, MD
  • Vicky Breakey, MD
  • Natalie Bridger, MD
  • Paul Caulford, MD
  • Jean-François Chicoine, MD
  • Brenda Clark, MD
  • Jeff Critch, MD
  • Carl Cummings, MD
  • Claude Cyr, MD
  • Giuseppina Di Meglio, MD
  • Joanne Embree, MD
  • Catherine Farrell, MD
  • Emmett Francoeur, MD
  • Jean-Yves Frappier, MD
  • Pamela Fuselli, MSc
  • Marie Gauthier, MD
  • Katholiki Georgiades, PhD
  • Thiru Govender, MD
  • Barbara Grueger, MD
  • Ambaro Guled
  • Hayley  Hamilton, PhD
  • Johanne Harvey, MD
  • Lydia Hatcher, MD
  • Robert Issenman, MD
  • Ann Jefferies, MD
  • Natasha Johnson, MD
  • Karima Karmali, RN
  • Ian Kitai, MD
  • Benjamin Klein, MD
  • Stan Lipnowski, MD
  • Andrew Lynk, MD
  • Anne McCarthy, MD
  • Jane McDonald, MD
  • Heather MacDonnell, MD
  • Maryam Mehtar, MD
  • Ripudaman Minhas, MD
  • Clare Mitchell, MD
  • Gillian Morantz, MD
  • Leigh Anne Newhook, MD
  • Amy Ornstein, MD
  • Oliva Ortiz-Alvarez, MD
  • Hema Patel, MD
  • Catherine Pound, MD
  • Meb Rashid, MD
  • Joan Robinson, MD
  • Ellen Rosenberg, MD
  • Cécile Rousseau, MD
  • Anne Rowan-Legg, MD
  • Barry Rubinoff, DDS
  • Laura Sauvé, MD
  • Linda Shohet, PhD
  • Michelle Shouldice, MD
  • Denise Spitzer, PhD
  • Jayson Stoffman, MD
  • Christina Templeton, MD
  • Gillian Thompson, MN, NP
  • Sharon Unger, MD
  • Hassan Vatanparast, MD
  • Glen Ward, MD
  • Megan Williams, MD
  • Sam Wong, MD
  • Ellen Wood, MD
  • Stanley Zlotkin, MD


Last updated: May, 2016

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