A guide for health professionals working with
immigrant and refugee children and youth

Health Information by Region or Country:  Resource Links

Here are a few key sources of health information by region or country.  For immigrants or refugees new to Canada, be sure to consider not only their original country of origin but also any countries they may have passed through before arriving in Canada.

Immigrant health needs by country or region of origin

Evidence-Based Preventative Care Checklist for New Immigrants and Refugees (Canada)

Countries A-Z: health needs relating to country of origin (UK)

Global Health Observatory Map Gallery (International)

ProMED-mail (International)

International traveller health needs by country

Where are you travelling? (Canada)

Travelers’ Health (US)

Country Information Pages (UK)

International Travel and Health Interactive Map (International)


Read more about travel-related illness and immigrant and refugee children in Caring for Kids New to Canada.

Last updated: April, 2018

Also available at: http://www.kidsnewtocanada.ca/screening/regions
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